CERN Accelerating science

The Photoemission Laboratory currently supports photocathode synthesis, installation and characterization for the CERN program CLEAR, and the AWAKE experiment. The laboratory also has an R&D program exploring the synthesis and characterization of photocathodes under the framework of CLIC. Since its inception, the laboratory has been participating in external collaborations within Europe, in addition to internal collaboration with the Section Surface Chemistry and Coatings (SCC) for chemical surface analysis of photocathodes.

In addition to the Photoemission Laboratory, the responsibility of photocathode drive laser beam support and development is undertaken by the Lasers and Photocathodes (LP) Section for CLEAR, AWAKE and some aspects of CLIC. The laser support also includes laser beam diagnostics and development beyond photoemission as necessary. Some details on the infrastructure and an overview of the corresponding experiments and programs can be found in the 'Infrastructure' pages of this website.  

Other activities of the LP Section in regard to laser R&D as a part of isotope production via resonance ionization can be found at RILIS (the Resonance Ionization Laser Ion Source).